• "Friends of the Bolyai University" Association

"Friends of the Bolyai University" Association is a not-for-profit, civil organization that assumes the responsibility of representing the social need for creating the independent Hungarian higher education in Romania.

It aims at supporting the process of gaining independence of the Hungarian higher education in Romania, and the creation of state-financed higher education institutions, which teach in the Hungarian language, including the state-financed, Hungarian language “Bolyai” University, which was abolished in 1959. Its task is to improve the level of the higher education in the Hungarian language in Romania and to develop its network of international relations.

The "Friends of the Bolyai University" Association is currently active in 4 regions: Hungary, Transylvania, Western-Europe and the United States of America.

The leaders of the Association:

     Transylvania: József Somai, economist, Kolozsvár / Cluj, Romania
     Western Europe: Péter Somogyi, university professor, Oxford
     United States
     of America:
 Ferenc Koszorus, lawyer, New York